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How does health insurance in The Netherlands work in 2025?

The Netherlands is known for its high quality healthcare and social health insurance system. The system was introduced in 2006 and is mostly required for everyone who works or lives in The Netherlands. There might be some exceptions, however. If you have health insurance in another country, but work in The Netherlands, you would still need a basic health insurance. Besides the compulsory basic health insurance, there is a voluntary additional insurance available. Children under 18 are required to be insured, too. However, they are freely insured under the insurance of their parents.

A Dutch health insurance is mostly legally required

Are you going to work in The Netherlands? Then a health insurance is compulsory for you. In The Netherlands there, is a choice between the required basic health insurance and the supplemental insurance, which you can choose voluntary. Even if you have a preexisting medical condition, you will be fully covered by the basic insurance. As for the supplemental insurance, you might need to apply and perform some medical tests.

How to get a Dutch health insurance in 2025?

Taking out a Dutch health insurance is fairly easy. You do not need to pay a premium to the Dutch government. Taking out a Dutch health insurance can be done through the many health insurers in The Netherlands. They all have different products and profiles, but the basic policy is the same for everyone. However, should you decide to also take out a supplemental insurance, we would recommend comparing all health insurances in The Netherlands.

After taking out the insurance, the policy mostly is valid for 1 year. After this year, you can choose a different insurer. It is wise to do so, because this way you can find out if the health insurance still is suitable.

What does a health insurance in The Netherlands cover?

The basic coverage for the Dutch health insurance is the same at every health insurer, because it was composed by the Dutch government. The insurance covers medical care, limited access to medicines and hospital stays. In case you need extra care such as physiotherapy, an additional insurance is needed. Please note: visiting the dentist is not covered under the basic coverage. You would need an additional insurance. This means paying more premium on top of the basic premium.

The costs of Dutch health insurance

The Dutch healthcare quality is excellent and therefore comes with a price. The compulsory basic insurance costs approximately 100 euros per month. The supplemental insurance could start at as low as 2 or as high as 150 euro per month, depending on your needs. Also, there is a deductible excess for the basic insurance. The policyholder needs to pay 385 euros by itself. It is possible this price will be increased in the future. Also, there is a voluntary increased price available, in trade for a lower health policy premium per month.

Comparing Dutch health insurance

Although the basic policy is the same at every insurer, as it is accorded by law, there are still differences in premiums. Therefore, we strongly advise to first compare health insurances and businesses. This way, it is possible to save a few euros per month. As for the supplemental insurance, different terms apply. Insurers can compose their own package deals by their selves. Therefore, prices may vary widely. In case of combining a basic policy and the supplemental policy, comparing Dutch health insurances is recommendable.

Dutch health insurance for expats

Expats that are living and or working in The Netherlands, are mostly required to buy a Dutch health insurance. This is regulated by Dutch law. However, not all expats or emigrants need to take out the compulsory insurance, as they pay taxes outside The Netherlands. Therefore, Dutch insurers also have expat health insurances available. Rules are different for expats from the EU / EEA in comparison with expats from outside the EU/EEA.

Expats from the EU / EEA need to obtain a health insurance in The Netherlands if they have a (part-time) job or pay income tax in The Netherlands. Also, all expats who are 30 years or older and stay in The Netherlands for a longer time than three months, might need such an insurance. In other cases, it is not possible to take out a Dutch health insurance. An expat insurance will remain a possibility. Expats from outside the EU / EEA only are eligible if they have a permanent Dutch residence permit.

Dutch health insurance for students

There is a special exception for students that are in The Netherlands for studying only and do not have a job. Please note: by taking a part-time job, there is a high chance the compulsory health insurance is required. We recommend performing an assessment with the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) to find out if such an insurance is needed. If you are insured under the Wlz (Wet langdurige zorg), taking the Dutch health insurance is legally required.

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